May 19 - 23

posted May 19, 2014, 9:17 AM by Mithun Nankishore   [ updated May 21, 2014, 7:44 PM by Jonathan Rothman ]
Thursday, May 22 - Creating curved Models in SketchUp

Wednesday, May 21 - Layout
  • Essential Question: You will be able to create a poster of your design.
  • Learning Objective: What last minute changes will help our design draw an audience?
  • Classwork/Homework:   Take a look at the list Below:
    •  Complete your spec sheet. 
    •  Export your finalize spec sheet as a PDF and upload the PDF to your Google Drive 3D Modeling folder. 
    • Print & Create a poster to display your spec sheet. 

Tuesday, May 20 - Layout
  • Essential Question: You will be able to critique and consider the input of others into your design.
  • Learning Objective: What makes for an effective critique process?
  • Classwork/Homework: 1. Complete your spec sheet. 2. Export your file as a PDF, save as <Name> Spec Sheet PDF_r1_vA and submit it through our website.

Monday, May 19 - Layout
  • Essential Question: You will be able to add dimensions and text to your product in Layout.
  • Learning Objective: How can we tell a complete story of our design with a minimum of words?
  • Classwork/Homework: Complete your spec sheet.