Mar 31 - April 4

posted Mar 31, 2014, 7:35 PM by Jonathan Rothman   [ updated Apr 4, 2014, 5:54 AM by Mithun Nankishore ]
Friday, April 4 -  Getting Started with SketchUp
  • Learning Objective: You will be able to create shapes of specific dimensions in SketchUp.
  • Essential Question: How can naming  and saving wisely improve our productivity. 
  • Classwork: Tutorial 1 - Dimensions

Thursday, April 3 - Getting Started with SketchUp
  • Learning Objective: You will be able to construct basic shapes with surface modeling software. 
  • Essential Question: How does surface modeling differ from solid geometric modeling (ie. modeling with primitives).
  • Classwork: Exploring in SketchUp.

Wednesday, April 2 - design ideation sketch and model
  • Learning Objective: You will be brainstorming, and sketching your concept. 
  • Essential Question: Based on a given form, how can we rethink, improvise, and imagine a new function for everyday objects such as a chair?
  • Classwork: Complete your drawings. 

Tuesday, April 1 - Modeling Real Objects
  • Learning Objective: You will be able to model a real world object. 
  • Essential Question: How can we incorporate all the tools, tips, and techniques that we've learned over the past few weeks to model something real. 
  • Classwork: A TinkerCAD file of your model of  a real world object. (the objects were chosen by the teachers and assigned to the students)

Monday, March 31 - Boolean Operators re-visited_Intersections
  • Learning Objective:  You will be able to create an intersection of primitives in TinkerCAD. 
  • Essesntial Question: What workflow can we incorporate into our designs toolkit that will allow us to create intersections when modeling with solids. 
  • Classwork:  A  single TinkerCAD file containing at least three intersections. 
      • A die - using a  cube and a sphere - (modeled in TinkerCad by teacher)
      • A bolt - using a Hexagonal prism and a torus/cylinder
      • A free  design using intersection or multiple designs using intersections.